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Why Many People Keep Taking Chances on Lottery

Have you tried asking someone who plays lotto before why they play? Are you curious about how much people spend on lottery tickets worldwide? Despite seeing the obvious that winning a lottery draw is not that easy, millions of people still can’t help buying tickets. It’s as if the posted jackpot prizes will go to waste if they don’t get it or even buy a lotto ticket. Check out the following reasons why people keep on taking chances on lottery:

Idealistic Possibilities

For most researchers, the human brain is not hard-wired to compute the total probabilities of the lottery size. Under various conditions, the human brain automatically evolves where it doesn’t have to calculate the probabilities on matching the right combinations in the jackpot draw. Thus, figuring the odds for lottery games always fall outside our normal life experiences.

The Availability Prejudice

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This matter molds people’s mind to think that their chance of winning is huge. This comes after hearing or observing that some people have already won that sort of amount recently. Most of the time, casinos are the ones that benefit from this style which is why they always have a posted jackpot winners in front of their entrance. They also use leaderboards to display the top earning players online. Can you imagine how many people lose their money on gambling since they were never mentioned?

Superstitions and Gambling Myths

Superstitious beliefs were the most common things that players hold on when playing the lottery. Not to mention the gambling myths just like taking a fourth scratch-off ticket after losing 3 times will make them win finally. If you play roulette wheel at casinos where the last 10 spins end up on black, does that mean that the next spin will land on red? You can never tell since the roulette wheels don’t have programs.

Illusion Control

Most of the time, people take their near misses as a bigger chance to win the jackpot prize. For instance, this happens when they chose number 10 and the drawn winning number 9. Psychologically, they consider it as near miss so they will try again and again and again.

Social Trap

Generally, no one wants to be trapped in this situation. In fact, every single person who became a victim or social trap never intended it to happen. This occurs when players have been caught up in a mindset that since they’ve been playing for more than a year or so, they shouldn’t stop now. They feel like they could miss the jackpot prize anytime soon if they stop. At the end of the day, they would realize that they’ve lost more than they’ve gained in the lottery.

Most of us are afraid of changes. We are afraid of changing our gambling routines and stop because we always hope that we would earn back our investments soon. No matter how small is the probability to win the jackpot, we still hope. If you want to indulge in gambling, make sure that you are ready to invest without being bankrupt.

Post Author: Hugh Gonzales