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How to Select the Winning Numbers on Lottery

Have you won a lottery draw before? There are tons of ways you can join the lottery and you can never tell when you will become one of the lucky winners. When it comes to lottery players commonly select the required total of numbers depending on the specific lottery game they want. Sometimes, 1 or more players share the jackpot prize because they happen to have the same winning numbers on their lotto tickets.

If you want to know how to increase your chances of hitting the winning numbers, there are various ways you can choose your numbers.

The Most Common Winning Numbers

games 1363218 960 720 - How to Select the Winning Numbers on LotteryPicking the most common winning numbers is what lotto players usually do to choose numbers. Lotto players take note of the winning numbers to identify the particular numbers that are drawn the most. However, take note that there are no guarantees that these numbers will appear in a single draw together.

Your Lucky Numbers

If you believe in lucky colors, you’ll most likely believe in lucky numbers as well. Apparently, researchers found out that the most common chosen lucky numbers always end up with 7 according to Jonathan Clarke.

Birthday of Family and Friends or Anniversaries

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If you are getting a hard time choosing your lotto numbers, you can always select yours, your family or even your friend’s birthdays to complete the required number in your lotto draw. You can also choose your anniversary or your parents’. In fact, sticking to these set of numbers can help you follow a certain system without taking time to the lotto outlets to pick numbers all the time.

Random Selection

Believe it or not, experts found this approach as the most reliable. It doesn’t mean you can have a bigger chance of winning, but you can win more. System generated numbers can mean that others will already use those numbers so you’ll have to share your prize in case you won.

Recently Drawn Winning Numbers

Based on the Swiss lottery analysis, some people opt to combine the previous winning numbers. This surprising trend also revealed that some people use the winning numbers 2 weeks before or further.

Overdue Numbers

Based on human intuition, some lotto players tend to rely on overdue numbers when choosing numbers. These are the numbers that seem to be shy about appearing for a while so thinking that it might appear anytime soon, they would choose it.

The Best Ticket

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Based on an analyst, choosing the “best ticket” for every draw such as 03, 06, 13, 23, 27, 49 will make you win the jackpot prize by now if you’re already using it since the foundation of the National Lottery. So far, this combination has the most number of winnings in the lottery history.

Science and Lottery

Due to the advancement of technology, some says that prediction software can help lotto players win. This system uses simple statistics and great accuracy for generating “winning” numbers.

However, take note that there are no guarantees that these tips will work out with you as it did to other lotto winners. But then again “there is no harm in trying” so why not try?

Post Author: Hugh Gonzales