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Here at Carnaval Villarrobledo, we welcome and encourage all professional gamblers, and passionate writers to submit their articles as guest posts to contribute on the website and to help our newbie players by providing the necessary information they need.

Kindly fill out the required information below and we promise that our customer service team will  get in touch with you as soon as possible. By submitting articles related to other niches and required qualities, your chance to have your article posted will surely increase.

We recommend writers to write in their own voice and use their own style. Please submit us your article on Google Doc. format. We will give you full credit for the article you’ve written. We will also provide you with posting rights after contributing more than 3 qualified articles on the website.

You don’t need to be a grammar master to be one of our writers, having knowledge of basic grammar is fine. We will edit it prior to posting. We just want to encourage passionate writers to contribute and share their juicy input on sports and other topics we cover.