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f10 - How to Select the Winning Numbers on Lottery

How to Select the Winning Numbers on Lottery

Have you won a lottery draw before? There are tons of ways you can join the lottery and you can never tell when you will become one of the lucky winners. When it comes to lottery players commonly select the required total of numbers depending on the specific lottery game they want. Sometimes, 1 or more players share the jackpot prize because they happen to have the same winning numbers on their lotto tickets.

If you want to know how to increase your chances of hitting the winning numbers, there are various ways you can choose your numbers.

The Most Common Winning Numbers

games 1363218 960 720 - How to Select the Winning Numbers on LotteryPicking the most common winning numbers is what lotto players usually do to choose numbers. Lotto players take note of the winning numbers to identify the particular numbers that are drawn the most. However, take note that there are no guarantees that these numbers will appear in a single draw together.

Your Lucky Numbers

If you believe in lucky colors, you’ll most likely believe in lucky numbers as well. Apparently, researchers found out that the most common chosen lucky numbers always end up with 7 according to Jonathan Clarke.

Birthday of Family and Friends or Anniversaries

january 2290045 960 720 - How to Select the Winning Numbers on Lottery

If you are getting a hard time choosing your lotto numbers, you can always select yours, your family or even your friend’s birthdays to complete the required number in your lotto draw. You can also choose your anniversary or your parents’. In fact, sticking to these set of numbers can help you follow a certain system without taking time to the lotto outlets to pick numbers all the time.

Random Selection

Believe it or not, experts found this approach as the most reliable. It doesn’t mean you can have a bigger chance of winning, but you can win more. System generated numbers can mean that others will already use those numbers so you’ll have to share your prize in case you won.

Recently Drawn Winning Numbers

Based on the Swiss lottery analysis, some people opt to combine the previous winning numbers. This surprising trend also revealed that some people use the winning numbers 2 weeks before or further.

Overdue Numbers

Based on human intuition, some lotto players tend to rely on overdue numbers when choosing numbers. These are the numbers that seem to be shy about appearing for a while so thinking that it might appear anytime soon, they would choose it.

The Best Ticket

lottery 2276112 960 720 - How to Select the Winning Numbers on Lottery

Based on an analyst, choosing the “best ticket” for every draw such as 03, 06, 13, 23, 27, 49 will make you win the jackpot prize by now if you’re already using it since the foundation of the National Lottery. So far, this combination has the most number of winnings in the lottery history.

Science and Lottery

Due to the advancement of technology, some says that prediction software can help lotto players win. This system uses simple statistics and great accuracy for generating “winning” numbers.

However, take note that there are no guarantees that these tips will work out with you as it did to other lotto winners. But then again “there is no harm in trying” so why not try?

Post Author: Hugh Gonzales

f12 - Why Many People Keep Taking Chances on Lottery

Why Many People Keep Taking Chances on Lottery

Have you tried asking someone who plays lotto before why they play? Are you curious about how much people spend on lottery tickets worldwide? Despite seeing the obvious that winning a lottery draw is not that easy, millions of people still can’t help buying tickets. It’s as if the posted jackpot prizes will go to waste if they don’t get it or even buy a lotto ticket. Check out the following reasons why people keep on taking chances on lottery:

Idealistic Possibilities

For most researchers, the human brain is not hard-wired to compute the total probabilities of the lottery size. Under various conditions, the human brain automatically evolves where it doesn’t have to calculate the probabilities on matching the right combinations in the jackpot draw. Thus, figuring the odds for lottery games always fall outside our normal life experiences.

The Availability Prejudice

casino 936910 960 720 - Why Many People Keep Taking Chances on Lottery

This matter molds people’s mind to think that their chance of winning is huge. This comes after hearing or observing that some people have already won that sort of amount recently. Most of the time, casinos are the ones that benefit from this style which is why they always have a posted jackpot winners in front of their entrance. They also use leaderboards to display the top earning players online. Can you imagine how many people lose their money on gambling since they were never mentioned?

Superstitions and Gambling Myths

Superstitious beliefs were the most common things that players hold on when playing the lottery. Not to mention the gambling myths just like taking a fourth scratch-off ticket after losing 3 times will make them win finally. If you play roulette wheel at casinos where the last 10 spins end up on black, does that mean that the next spin will land on red? You can never tell since the roulette wheels don’t have programs.

Illusion Control

Most of the time, people take their near misses as a bigger chance to win the jackpot prize. For instance, this happens when they chose number 10 and the drawn winning number 9. Psychologically, they consider it as near miss so they will try again and again and again.

Social Trap

Generally, no one wants to be trapped in this situation. In fact, every single person who became a victim or social trap never intended it to happen. This occurs when players have been caught up in a mindset that since they’ve been playing for more than a year or so, they shouldn’t stop now. They feel like they could miss the jackpot prize anytime soon if they stop. At the end of the day, they would realize that they’ve lost more than they’ve gained in the lottery.

Most of us are afraid of changes. We are afraid of changing our gambling routines and stop because we always hope that we would earn back our investments soon. No matter how small is the probability to win the jackpot, we still hope. If you want to indulge in gambling, make sure that you are ready to invest without being bankrupt.

Post Author: Hugh Gonzales

f11 - How to Bet on Powerball and Power Play?

How to Bet on Powerball and Power Play?

You made it to! You’ve just taken your first phase to experiencing one of the most thrilling games in the world called Powerball! If you are a fan of the lottery then you just got to the right place. Powerball is just one of the many lottery games that promise awesomeness and tons of jackpot prizes.

How to Play Powerball?

How much can you win in the Powerball draw? Well, let’s just say you can win at least $40,000,000. Is there too much 0? Believe it or not, those digits are just for starters, so take a deep breath and calm your nerves. Just imagine how your life can be changed a lot in a blink of an eye if you become one of the lucky winners of Powerball, isn’t that exciting? For less than $5, you can multiply your winning prize up to 10 times so what more if you are given more than 1 chance to win in Powerball?

You got that right, Powerball gives 9 chances to each player so be sure to watch out the latest draw results every Wednesdays and Saturdays. Check out the steps below on how to play Powerball.

Easy Play

Choose 5 numbers between 1-69 and 1 Powerball number between 1-26.

Select Quick Pick so you can randomly pick the numbers.

Each Powerball ticket costs $2, plus $1 if you want to add Power Play.

You can play up to 5 sets of numbers per slip.

Choose Multi-draw to enter consecutive draws up to 26 times.

9 Chances of Winning

To win the Powerball jackpot prize, you need to have 5 matching white balls in any order and 1 red Powerball number.

If you didn’t get the red Powerball number but you’ve hit the “Match 5” or 5 matching while balls, you still get to take home the 2nd prize of $1,000,000.

For the remaining 7 ways, you can win in Powerball, all you have to do is have fewer matching numbers. The prize for these numbers varies depending on your combination and number of matched numbers.

How to Win in Power Play?

You can add Power Play to any of your Powerball tickets for as low as $1.

Adding Power Play will multiply your winning prize by 2-10 times on almost all prize levels. However, please note that the jackpot prize is excluded from this rule.

The 10 times multiplier rule is only applicable if the winning prize is between $40,000,000 – $150,000,000.

Automatically, the prize for Match5+0 is multiplied to 2 which increases the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000.

Every Power Play multiplier is drawn at the same time with the Powerball draw.

Take note that Power Play is only a special add-on feature on your Powerball ticket that will allow you to increase your winning prize. If you want to play Power Play, you have to play Powerball too and just add $1. Join in consecutive draws to increase your chances of winning the jackpot prize!

Post Author: Hugh Gonzales

pexels photo 144230 - The Red Flags that Indicate Casino Scams Online

The Red Flags that Indicate Casino Scams Online

Casinos are indeed a popular place where many people visit to loosen up a bit and socialize with others. For hundreds of years, gambling has become a part of many people’s lives in many ways. If you don’t know yet, even the lottery and scratch-off tickets are kinds of gambling. Now that our technology is way more high-tech to offer convenience, online casino sites have become a hot topic for casino players.

As a matter of fact, the online casino industry has just enjoyed a booming period since it was established online. Moreover, its continuous growth helped it achieved a glorious spot in the top three online markets worldwide. On the other hand, its increasing status is also one of the main reasons why tons of scammers have been lurking online to catch their next victim.

Casino scammers hunt their prey smoothly and fool them until there’s nothing left to you but dust. To help you avoid casino scammers, here are the red flags that you should watch out:

Unfair Business Transactions

pexels photo 541522 - The Red Flags that Indicate Casino Scams Online

Unfair business transactions usually include fake advertisement of big bonuses or promotions that would really tempt you to pursue. In the end, you will get nothing but broken promises and a whole lot more lame of excuses.

Biased Terms and Conditions

Biased terms and conditions basically mean that the entire content of the terms and conditions page you have to accept is for the benefit of the casino only. Though you would only notice it by looking closely at the content and understanding every bit of it.

Sudden Account Closures

You wouldn’t be shut out of your account for nothing. If your current online casino locks you out of your account without warning or explanations, don’t distress yourself on getting it back again and choose another legit online casino.

Major Withdrawal Issues

No one wants to let go of their hard-earned winning prize without a major explanation! If you’ve been waiting already for a very long period of processing time and you’ve sent repetitive request already, beware. You might be fooled by a casino scammer already!

Never be fooled by the appealing appearance of online casinos without doing a thorough research on their background. Remember these red flags and always put your safety on top even while you are enjoying the game. Most importantly, take note if they are established with legitimate casino license.

Post Author: Hugh Gonzales

f04 - How to Gamble For Fun without Losing Your Assets

How to Gamble For Fun without Losing Your Assets

Do you want to try the thrilling experience of gambling but afraid of losing your assets? Don’t worry because we at CarNaval Villarrobledo got your back. If you want to gamble and have fun, you can have it plus keep your shirt on.

A lot of people come and go in casino houses and online casinos every day but not all of them are pros obviously. There are the “trying-hard” casino players and then there are also the “nervous-novice” players. For a first time player like you, it is just normal to feel a little awkward and confused whether you would place your bet or not. There’s also the feeling like you just want to run for the hills after noticing that you’ve got the least amount of bet around the table aside from being the least experienced.

Keep your cool and just enjoy your time playing. Check out this list below on how you can gamble for fun without losing your assets:

Bring Some Company

pexels photo 515169 - How to Gamble For Fun without Losing Your Assets

The more friends or family members (adults only) you can bring, the merrier! Aside from an additional source of entertainment, they could also help you make sure that you would not go beyond your limits at any cost.


Always put in your mind that gambling is a form of entertainment and nothing more. Your aim is to have fun only and not to make a living out of it. Therefore, you are not to pursue the odds until you hit the biggest prize.

Pay For Fun

Once you enter in a casino house or online casino site, prepare your wallet and think of the money you will spend as an entertainment cost and not a lost money to get back. Just imagine putting some money for a movie night. With that standpoint in your head, be sure not to go beyond your usual budget.

Don’t Borrow

wallet 2668502 960 720 - How to Gamble For Fun without Losing Your Assets

Once your budget for entertainment has run out, stop and don’t dare to borrow.

Be Practical

A little luxury and pampering are fine but let’s face it if you don’t have enough money to waste, don’t push it. Never put your daily budget on gambling unless you want to have a problem with paying bills!

Always take things moderately and don’t become too overwhelmed with the promising jackpot prizes in casinos. When you gamble, think that quitting doesn’t mean you’re a loser, it is called being in control and disciplined.

Post Author: Hugh Gonzales